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About MyBelizeCommerce

What or what is MBC? Want to learn more about MBC? Well, we are the key for your business success and triumph from being stuck in old business practices. With today’s modern technology and intense competition, your company may find it rather difficult to establish the presence it deserves. At MBC (, we strive to be the solution to your web-design, custom web development, SMS marketing, digital-advertising, graphics design and printing, as we work hand in hand with your business to strive for an edge over competitors and stay on top of the margin.


Therefore, we’ve literally made our business be able to turn your desires into actualizations. The distinctive advantage of having us develop and market your company online or offline with our multiple marketing products is our overall drive towards the success of enterprises or small entrepreneurs, our team of professional web developers, marketing specialist and graphic design gurus are ready to make a revolutionary turn around for success in your business.

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Meet Our Team

We value every business, our goal is to always exceed our customers expectations.

Bernaldo Romaldo Sutherland
Bernaldo Romaldo SutherlandManaging Director / Graphic Designer / Full-Stack Programmer
Bernaldo Sutherland’s passion is programming, graphics design, video editing and marketing. Bernaldo Sutherland is the founder of and MbcDesignNprinting. Growing up in the Benque Viejo community he has always been going the extra mile on everything. He has an Associate Degree in I.T, but has been doing programming since he was 14 years old. He is now 23 years old. He was born on the District of Belize City in 1995. He always planned on having his own business and perseverance has made it a reality! He functions as the Managing Director of MyBelizeCommerce and MBCdesignNprinting.
Luis Rodriguez
Luis RodriguezRepresentative and Developer
Luis Rodriguez’s partial passion is technology, his true passion is leveraging technology in creating real world services that may be of value to Belizeans throughout the course of their life. Luis Rodriguez functions as the Representative of MyBelizeCommerce and also as the Web and App Developer of MBC.

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